Upcoming Events/Races

The Rattlesnake Ramble Half/10K/5K at China Camp State Park (San Rafael, CA.) Sunday, 2/25/17

The Sasquatch Scramble 5K/10K/Half at Redwood Regional Park (Oakland, CA.) Sunday, 4/22/18

The Tick Trailblaze 5K/10K/Half at Huddart Park (Woodside, CA.)-June.2018 (Exact Date-TBD)

The Honey Badger Half/10K/5K at China Camp State Park (San Rafael, CA.)-Oct.2018 (Exact Date-TBD)

The Krampus Cross Country 5K/10K in the Presidio (San Francisco, CA.)-Dec.2018 (Exact Date-TBD)

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Sasquatch Sponsors

Are you interested in sponsoring a Sasquatch race? Please contact us at info@sasquatchracing.com and we will contact you as soon as possible.Race Sponsors

As our name implies, we care about A Runner’s Mind – the complete runner – the individual. Above all, we understand that all who run, walk, and participate in sports or an exercise regiment are winners who share our values and contribute to our lives and our communities. While running with the right shoes elevates your running experience, it’s your heart, your history; your drive, your endurance, and your will that enables you to finish strong and which comprise A Runner’s Mind. For more about A Runner’s Mind in San Francisco, go to A Runner’s Mind.


   Inspired by the nearby Sierra Nevada Mountains, Sierra Nevada beers are designed to be as bold, wild and unwavering as those storied granite peaks. With respect to tradition and an unbridled passion for innovation, Sierra Nevada beers are inspired by the philosophy that anything is possible. We are committed to pushing the boundaries of craft beer and we look forward to the day that flavorful beers are the standard throughout the world.


Run Club Whether you’re notching your first mile, your first half marathon, looking to get faster, or simply want to meet some friends via this passion we call running, Run Club has you covered! Led by Marathon Matt and his USATF/RRCA/NASM certified team of coaches and trainers, Run Club includes FIVE workouts/week, a $20 giftcard at A Runner’s Mind, a technical training shirt partner discounts, social events, a 20% discount on Sasquatch Racing events, and much more! For more about Run Club, go to www.sanfranciscorunningclub.com.


SportMe Run Trainer SportMe helps you create and manage customized training plans that adjust to your progress. Answer a few questions to create your free web-based training plan. For more about SportMe Run Trainer, go to http://sportme.com/.
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