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The Sasquatch Racing Story

The best stories are the ones with unexpected twists, turns, and an air of mystery…much like the legend of the Sasquatch.

The legend of Sasquatch Racing has yet to be fully told, but has already included plenty of twists, turns, and mystery. While naming ourselves after an urban legend may seem an odd choice, it seems only natural to us.

Our mission is to create fun, quirky, offbeat, and mysterious running events that attract an eclectic mix of runners, revelers, urban legends, and everyone/everything in between.

Co-founders ‘Marathon’ Matt Forsman and Alex (The Hammer) Ho have a combined 30+ years of running, racing, and event production experience.

Additionally, they have a lifetime of experience turning people onto the sport of running in unique, offbeat, and sometimes goofy ways.

We like to think of ourselves as a party production company with a running problem.

For more about the founders of Sasquatch Racing, visit The Team Page.