Upcoming Events/Races

The Rattlesnake Ramble Half/10K/5K at China Camp State Park (San Rafael, CA.) Sunday, 2/25/17

The Sasquatch Scramble 5K/10K/Half at Redwood Regional Park (Oakland, CA.) Sunday, 4/22/18

The Tick Trailblaze 5K/10K/Half at Huddart Park (Woodside, CA.)-June.2018 (Exact Date-TBD)

The Honey Badger Half/10K/5K at China Camp State Park (San Rafael, CA.)-Oct.2018 (Exact Date-TBD)

The Krampus Cross Country 5K/10K in the Presidio (San Francisco, CA.)-Dec.2018 (Exact Date-TBD)

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honeybadger snarl

Honey Badger Tune Up Run Cheat Sheet 2014

Honey Badger 10KM Cheat Sheet:

Start/Finish: Miwok Meadows

Follow Shoreline Trail heading out of START/FINISH
Stay on the marked Trail for 1 Mile
– Do Not Exit Onto Roadway –
Head in the direction of Back Ranch on Shoreline Trail
STRAIGHT on Shoreline Trail past sign that reads “Campground”
LEFT UPHILL on Shoreline Trail around Campground
LEFT @ UPHILL on Back Ranch Fire Road
LEFT onto Ridge Trail (2.35 Miles into Race)
Follow Trail Markings and Signs that say McNears Fire Road
Follow Trail to Knight Drive (3.35 Miles into Race)
– 1st Aid Station, Limited Supplies –
Continue on Trail towards McNears Fire Road
Cross over McNears Fire Road towards Peacock Gap
Cross over McNears Fire Road again and head towards Peacock Gap
Follow Switchbacks downhill
STRAIGHT on the trail, towards Shoreline Trail (4.35 Miles into Race)
Follow markings and signs that say Miwok
LEFT onto Miwok Fire Road (6.35 Miles into Race)
Follow this road to the finish in .4 Miles
Finish in Miwok Meadow (6.75 Miles)

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