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honeybadger snarl

Honey Badger’s BADA$$ Words of Wisdom..

We recently had the good fortune to chat with Honey Badger. We were hoping Honey Badger would share a few running tips. Honey Badger indulged us and what we came away with may help your running, but as it turns out some of the tips are also applicable to leading a life that’s a bit […]

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Lost Mojo

What To Do When You’ve Lost Your Running Mojo

Getting up in the morning without hitting the snooze button several times before putting on your running shoes has become quite challenging. Hitting the road to log a few easy miles has oddly begun to feel like drudgery. I’ve got some bad news. You’ve lost your running mojo. Don’t panic. Don’t run to the doctor’s […]

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Trail 101

We imagine that some (many?) of you have not spent any quality time out on the trails. While not ALL of our races will take place on the trail, our first few races will. If you run primarily on the road, there are a few things to keep in mind when you’re running on the […]

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