Upcoming Races

The Tick Trailblaze 5K/10K/Half @ Huddart Park (Woodside, CA.)
Sunday, 8/2/15

The Honey Badger Half & 5K/10K @ China Camp State Park (San Rafael, CA.)
Sunday, 10/11/15

The Krampus Kross Kountry 5K/10K @ Presidio Trails (San Francisco, CA) Sunday, 12/13/15 (Registration opening soon).


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Welcome to Sasquatch Racing

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but Sasquatch has become entrenched in popular culture. Sasquatch is in beef jerky ads, movies, beer commercials, and on trucker hats and t-shirts. There’s even a Sasquatch music festival. Exactly what Sasquatch represents is open to interpretation.

We see Sasquatch as a fun loving, free-wheeling creature who enjoys loping around on trails in the woods (or occasionally on the road) and who marches to the beat of a different drummer. Sasquatch is an individual, a rebel, a creature who defies convention and boundaries.

We think runners are rebels, individuals, unconventional thinkers, and folks who march to the beat of their own drum, kind of like our friend Sasquatch. So to us, Sasquatch is the perfect mascot for our company.

So run strong, run for fun, run for a medal, or run in a costume. At Sasquatch Racing, we want you to run your way, or as we like to think of it, “run like a Sasquatch.”

If you’ve never tackled one of our races and want to get a better sense of the awesome trails, epic views, and FUN we love to inject into every mile, click here!

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The Silver Shoe Challenge!

WIN THE SILVER SHOE CHALLENGE & SCORE $25 @ A RUNNER’S MIND! Whatever distance you run, you have a shot at winning a $25 gift card from A Runner’s Mind! (SF or Burlingame.) Whichever distance you tackle there is a shiny silver shoe (our version of Willy Wonka’s Golden Ticket) somewhere on the course.. Find […]

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Post Ramble Post 2015!

Hi Folks, First and foremost, thanks SO MUCH for attending the Rattlesnake Ramble Half Marathon/10K/5K! It’s no easy feat to conquer a 5K/10K/Half Marathon given the nasty conditions we encountered. All of you RAN LIKE BEASTS! Rattlesnake Ramble Half/10K/5K Results! We REALLY appreciate your patience in waiting for the race results. Here is a link […]

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Rattlesnake Ramble Half/10K/5K Prelim Results 2015

Below are links to the preliminary results for The Rattlesnake Ramble Half/10K/5K 2015: Rattlesnake Ramble Half Marathon 2015 Preliminary Results Rattlesnake Ramble 10K 2015 Preliminary Results Rattlesnake Ramble 5K 2015 Preliminary Results

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