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Welcome to Sasquatch Racing

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but Sasquatch has become entrenched in popular culture. Sasquatch is in beef jerky ads, movies, beer commercials, and on trucker hats and t-shirts. There’s even a Sasquatch music festival. Exactly what Sasquatch represents is open to interpretation.

We see Sasquatch as a fun loving, free-wheeling creature who enjoys loping around on trails in the woods (or occasionally on the road) and who marches to the beat of a different drummer. Sasquatch is an individual, a rebel, a creature who defies convention and boundaries.

We think runners are rebels, individuals, unconventional thinkers, and folks who march to the beat of their own drum, kind of like our friend Sasquatch. So to us, Sasquatch is the perfect mascot for our company.

So run strong, run for fun, run for a medal, or run in a costume. At Sasquatch Racing, we want you to run your way, or as we like to think of it, “run like a Sasquatch.”

If you’ve never tackled one of our races and want to get a better sense of the awesome trails, epic views, and FUN we love to inject into every mile, click here!

Latest News:

Dress Sassy on 4/23. Win a free race!

Sun, 4/23 marks the FIFTH anniversary of our flagship race and we wanted to do something special to celebrate all things Sasquatch related! With this in mind, we’re rolling out our ‘Dress Sassy. Win Sassy!’ contest. Here’s how it works… -1)Rock your best sasquatch look on race day (Sassy with a tutu, 70’s runner style […]

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Buy a pair of shoes at ARM in SF or Lafayette on 4/14, 4/15, or 4/16 and score a ‘golden ticket’ to one of our races!

Perhaps you’ve read (or watched) ‘Charlie and The Chocolate Factory’? If so, you’re probably familiar with ‘golden tickets’. Well, we’re doing our version of a ‘golden ticket’ promotion next weekend! We have EIGHTEEN GOLDEN TICKETS up for grabs at A Runner’s Mind in San Francisco and in Lafayette (NINE tickets will be up for grabs […]

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Ten tips/thoughts for having a positive experience with Sasquatch Racing..

If it is your first trail race ever, we encourage you to do the 5K/10K.   If your experience as a runner has been largely (or exclusively) on the road, it’s important to recognize the trails are different. You have hills, uneven terrain, and more to deal with when you run on the trails.   […]

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